Cable Replacement


Traditional cable replacement option in the AG sector have had a mixed bag of results, because of this Irrismart has looked to the industrial sector to find a solution that works every time with no-fuss. Irrismart is please to offer to the market our cable replacement kits that are perfect for sending signals and digital inputs across long distances without the need of running traditional wires.

Key applications:

  • Pressure sensing of pivot end tower to control pump speed (fully compatible with Irrismart pump controllers and most VFD/Diesel controls with 4-20mA pressure inputs)
  • Start/Stop signal projection from pivot to pump
  • Duplicating of signal from one source to two receivers or from two sends to one receiver (or more that two)

Irrismarts cable replacements are quick and easy to use and perfect for many applications.

Get in touch to see how Irrismarts Cable Replacements can be used in your application.