Pump Controllers

Irrismart’s automated pump controllers offer some of the most advanced control options and connectivity. We have designed our pump controller with simplicity and ease of use whilst not removing any functionality or user requirements.

All of our pump controllers offer the functionality top tier at a more affordable price and without the hassle of complex and confusing user experience. We believe in making it as easy as possible to install, setup and run. To this end every unit comes ready to run and pre-tested in Australia to make sure the time between wiring in and running is as short and smooth as possible. By removing the hassle of onsite setup time and money is saved as well as the stress on relying on everything to go well to be up and running on time.

Each unit is assembled in Australia and is subjected to rigors testing and quality control measures and is fully backed by expert staff with local support. With the advanced connectivity features of our panels it is possible for our technical support team to remote access and help diagnose any issues or to upgrade and add features as needs change.

Each unit is made to order and is fully customizable with the features included and the panel construction so that it is ideal suited to the application.

Get in touch with Irrismart to see how we can get the perfect controller for your pump ready.